Monday’s Musings


Elizabeth Gilbert at TED 2014 on success, failure, loving writing and lessons learned.

- This could be awesome for small business and creatives or just let your personality shine – like a business card on the go – Stickout!

- Publock – no more bike thefts? Awesome thing for the green cycling cities.

- Online sources bring educational access to the world’s gifted kids. 

- Greenius – what a great idea for newbies and community gardeners.

- SCiO is a pocket sensor that allows you to scan for the chemical makeup of any food, medicine, plant or physical object.

Have a great week all.


Monday’s Musings


















- Deskcamping a new way for freelancers to rent desk space

- Mayer, Musk, Jobs – run your meetings like a boss

- Punctuation Tips

- A list of fave Apps from someone who knows

- If you post anything online and like to use images, you’ll love this. From Getty Images – you can now use tens of millions of images without worry.

- 8 Qualities of cultured people



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