Cool Hunting Video Presents:Aziz Ansari.

This is great, a conversation starter, an advertisement for your product or project or brand awareness for your company. GelaSkins based in Toronto, Canada carries a wide range of pre-made protective ‘skins’ for your phone or laptop etc. and my fave part is that you can create your own.

For all the non-designers,  If you haven’t discovered Jessica Hische’s and Russ Maschmeyer’s site Don’t Fear the Internet it’s well worth checking out. Empower yourself with basic HTML & CSS tutorials and spruce up your website.

Springwise always delivers the best and latest business ideas, Embracing sustainability on a whole new level – involving customers in their reforestation efforts of the Chilean Patagonia, the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa gives new meaning to seed funding.

Making business life easier, Square Card Reader now makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments on your mobile device.

Have a fab week everyone!