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A new breed of work spaces seem to be popping up, alas not in North America so far.

With the on-set of more remote/location independent workers than ever before what’s a coffee shop owner to do? They want the business yet table hogging for hours on end by these mobile workers doesn’t exactly lend itself to a flourishing retail business.

Enter the coffee shop-office hybrids 2012.

Gorgeous and creative spaces are making news in places such as Berlin and Buenos Aires. While they’re not without their own set of problems – loud conversations, strangers trying to socialize, over-staying your welcome,  these trendy cafe/co-working spaces are definitely a step above as a business model.

A mix of cafe, mobile phone shops or rental ‘desks’ with free coffee and croissants without the high prices of your typical co-working hubs, which still have the feel of cubicle hell. These places have a blend of art and design with the feel of home and office – a great way to get work done.

A beautiful hybrid of the work spaces of the future…I like!