Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce

– The latest in tech fashion – Rainbow Winters – clothing that changes colours throughout the day responding to sunlight, water, sound…you can see a demo of the ‘Rainforest’ dress here

– Impermanent street art installations of cyanotope butterflies across the country from Tasha Lewis 

13 Brilliant Science Museum Billboards from Science World Vancouver

Water is Life Charity took some #firstworldproblems to show real world problems in a PSA…brilliant!

– 2 minutes to more power and self confidence with Amy Cuddy

– A must see if you like good comedy and supporting good causes – Tig Notaro on finding out she has breast cancer, the beauty of storytelling in a way that makes people laugh, cry, and really see your experience in that moment – yes, everything can be funny – so glad Louis CK put this up on his site for all to enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.