Robert Krulwich:

In every career, your job is to make and tell stories, of course. You will build a body of work, but you will also build a body of affection, with the people you’ve helped who’ve helped you back. This is the era of Friends in Low Places. The ones you meet now, who will notice you, challenge you, work with you, and watch your back. Maybe they will be your strength. 

– Got a little time on your hands? Theuselessweb will take you down the rabbit’s hole that is the internet.

Sanebox will allow you to manage your emails better – if you have Gmail, this is a step above the Priority Inbox feature.

Seeingfresh – a site feature contemplative photography. A great way to really ‘see’ something and get new perspective.

UmeaEnergi a Swedish firm that’s changing bus stop advertising into therapeutic lighting (replicating daylight). Really innovative campaign in those areas where SAD is prevalent due to lack of sunshine.

– This 17 year old writes to Nike (Dear Nike: I can’t tie my shoes) and sets off a viral campaign that leads to Nike making a custom pair of shoes for him. A great read on how to approach a company regarding products that aren’t fulfilling a need and how to respond to a customer.