Tory Burch on Social Media being a big part of the story a company builds on. Good Q&A at the end.

– A much needed overhaul for the North American cyclists – fashion that can go from bike to boardroom by IvaJean

Austrians have the right idea in keeping Christmas sustainable. Living Christmas Tree can be picked up after the holiday and re-planted.

Outgrow.me is the first site for post Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. A perfect place to highlight your products and get further funding or a great way to find the ‘new cool’.

8 Ways To Do The Right Thing In 2013 – Leadership Moments

A last bit of advice from Fred Wilson for 2013:

If I can give entrepreneurs a single piece of advice for 2013 it would be to deliver on your promises. Not just to your investors but also to your team and ultimately to yourself. This is no time to be in denial. That is a lethal attribute in times like these.