Elizabeth Gilbert gives a great talk on creativity

Trakdot a solution for all frequent flyers. It tracks your luggage no matter where it goes. Peace of mind comes to you April 2013.

Done Not Done, the perfect place for that list if things you want to do, not have to do. Movies, books, music…

Photoshop Secrets a great Tumblr site for those amateurs wanting to ‘polish’ up their skills

The Amazings, by far the best find of the month. The site goes by the simple idea that even in the internet age we can make a connection between generations. That elders will always have something to teach us

Commander Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield on Twitter) is a Canadian Astronaut living in space aboard the ISS as a Flight Engineer on Expedition 34. By launching his experiences in space as a conversation on Twitter, he has made accessible, a job that thus far we have viewed as news stories we may or may not catch or be interested in. He Tweets interesting facts, pictures, engages with his audience and has even dropped the puck on a hockey game from space. Beyond the interestingness of his daily experiences here is a look at what an astronaut might be eating in space