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Mad Men  – The Carousel

This short bit from Mad Men gives lessons on…trancending client expectations by knowing the product and the audience, delivering a perfect sales pitch, and beautiful story-telling.

It’s a masterful example of thinking outside the box and delivering the right pitch and not just what the client thinks is the right thing. In this case Don Draper acknowledges the ‘glittering lure of technology’ while introducing the idea that it can be so much more by taking the client to a time of nostalgia – the right message for the right market.

The story starts with pictures of Don Draper’s family, intimate moments, but as you go on you’re no longer seeing Draper’s family, but your own experiences – being transported to your own memories, your own nostalgia.

Tell a story, use language that evokes an emotional reaction, find something that’s extraordinary in the ordinary – it’s never enough to just give a presentation – the way to hook a client is to create an experience.