Used to be that a movie would be produced, launched and the buzz surrounding it would amount to posters, trailers and critic write-ups.

Then dawned the age of internet. We still saw the usual trailers and posters, but added to this were short films for web, games, toys etc. Build your brand and then cast a far-reaching net to grab as many fans/viewers as possible.

Everything about the Prometheus campaign worked to entice film-goers to a huge build up of anticipation about the film – including their trailers. One of the best parts – which is a re-imagined TED Talk by Guy Pearce from the future. You may not have seen the film or liked it but this piece of the project deserves kudos for the appeal to a generation that is growing up and learning from an enterprise where the tag line is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading.’

Connect for a Cause is an auction site that connects entrepreneurs with business leaders while also benefiting charities and non-profits.

Crayon Creatures is a fun way to get figurines made from your child’s drawing…check it out

Smart use of social media for a small business owner pays off big

The War of Art – by far the best book covering how to get past fears, blocks and resistance to doing the work you need to do

Have a great week everyone!