After commuting day in, day out, things can get stagnant. Wouldn’t you want to have a choice that offered up some excitement? It’s exactly what Volkswagon offers with this installation of the ‘Fast Lane’. The sense of fun, and speed being promoted for the Polo GTi. The campaign also showed other ways of ‘spicing up daily life’ through skateboards attached to shopping carts and elevators tricked out as space shuttles. All of it offering a memorable way of commuting that adds flavor and fun to your life.

Catchbox is a great and sustainable way for local fisherman to continue sourcing the fish naturally available. A non-profit organization that offers a delivery of fish on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to their subscription base.

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– We all need a little help with remembering things – RefreshMe is a great app to remember where we last left off in a conversation. Perfect helper for meetings and business conversations.

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