Rory Sutherland – electronic cigarettes, praxeology  and the power of reframing – delivers a great and funny TED Talk on perspective. 

 How to Be the Best Version of You

– Igniting the relationship between food and your senses, beyond just taste. Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience – a project matching five different varieties of food with matching bowls and a musical spoon for a combined visual, tactile and aural effect. A great thing for difficult to feed kids. Great inspiration to create this into a product beyond the Heinz Beanz project.

– I think this is THE best App I’ve come across recently. Automatic is an app that monitors your cars health and gives fuel efficiency tips. This is great for those drivers who like to just drive and not pay attention to how their vehicle behaves day-to-day. 

– How in the world do you buy presents for kids when you have no experience with them? Aimed at the 20-45 year old professional set who either don’t have the time or the familiarity to shop for children. NeverMissGift is an App that caters to the kiddie demographic and provides ideas based on the childs details. Easy peasy!