Those moments in life when you just need stability – a place to land safely. David C. Baker on choices, opportunities and how you move through life. 

Normally I would have a running list of things for you to peruse, but today, this video and this website are enough. The site is one you’ll want to visit for inspiration and you can see by a few of my favorite quotes (below) why I love it so much.

Take some time to visit Humans Of New York

“I never had any family growing up. But I still went to school everyday. One day, when I was in eleventh grade, my English teacher came up to me and said: “If you graduate, I’ll adopt you. I’ll show you the life. You’ll do things you never dreamed of.” And he kept his promise. He made it legal and everything. On the day I graduated, he was the only family I had there. My father’s taken me everywhere since then. I’ve done all kinds of things.”​

“I’m supposed to be better than I am.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t behave like I’m expected to. But one day I will.”

“My town in Colombia is very beautiful. I don’t travel because I want to leave my home. I travel because I need to know why I’m staying.”

“What’s your greatest struggle?”

“My sister and I are nearly 60. My mother is 83. We’re not destitute or anything, but we don’t really have a stash. So there’s not really room for anything to go wrong. And all of us are aging, so I have plenty to worry about. I’ve really followed my whims in life, which has been great. But while my friends were buying houses, I was travelling the world and having experiences. It’s been great, and I’ve seen a lot. But now I’m seeing the benefits of the other road.”

“One day really soon, I’m hoping to map out the places homeless people stay. Then get a whole group of skaters to deliver bags filled with necessities.”