Arianna Huffington talks about redefining success and putting focus on wisdom, well-being and meaning. “Success as we know it is so no longer sustainable.”

Publishing is a tough industry these days. Digital alternatives that allow for better business models for a greater narrative experience are picking up pace. Black Crown is one such choice – a web based story/game that is the latest innovator of online publishing from Random House. Their model requires micropayments in order to unlock narratives and other social elements as it’s written by the author. An episodic format to monetize digital reading.

The Strangers Project is a collection of anonymous journal entries collected online and off. You can read the posts or enter one of your own.

Try The World is a wonderful innovative take on boxed products that have been popping up recently. Instead of make-up, this company offers a great mix of gourmet products for the food lover. While it’s in the initial phases, I believe the plan is to take it global. A great gift idea.

– If you love cats and want to write your name in Cat Font – enjoy!

– Here’s another boxed product, strictly for the kids. If your kid loves to experiment delivers a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) themed box on a monthly basis.