Dan Ariely talks about ‘what makes us feel good at work’ – a question many of us think about these days. What is our motivation beyond money.

Tinybop just came out with their first app – it’s called The Human Body. For your kids ages 4+, it allows them to explore a working model that’s animated. With gurgling guts and beating hearts – let the curiosity loose.

On A Wednesday asks random people what they’re doing…on a Wednesday. An image, a few questions expressing interest beyond a quick glance at your fellow humans on the street or worse keeping your head down and ignoring life. I love this.

– It’s hard enough to be at an event where everything is surface, but not knowing what to say makes it even worse. School Of Life created this great product, One Hundred Questions – it’s a toolkit for conversations. Start a meaningful conversation.

– I feel like I’d be lost without all the amazing recipes I find on Pinterest. Here’s oe for the cooler weather coming up. A Paleo Chicken Prawn Laksa.