Digital Media & Marketing Strategies

Digital Media

We look at your big picture, creating a strategy that encompasses the best methods of social media for you, we filter out all the other noise. Engage your followers and get your message out to thousands of people – people who otherwise would never know you were there.

  • Web Copy Writing Services
  • Crafting and implementing Digital Media Strategies
  • Social Networking Setup and/or Maintenance
  • Internet Research (documentary, archival, services(business or personal), Websites (financial, company, competition), specific topic, country, myth, stories etc

Business Solutions

You didn’t start your business so you could spend hours marketing. You started your business so you could do what you love. And when it comes to things you love, marketing may rank somewhere between paying your taxes and…well you decide.

  • Planning and prioritizing so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start building your business
  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Marketing Strategy (Print Media, Online Advertising etc)
  • Develop Marketing Materials
  • Project Management (Event Planning, launch etc)
  • Identify resources that will help you get started

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