I’m always grateful for the people I’ve worked with. Your feedback empowers me to do bigger, better things.

Your words lift me up…

“Nazima brought clarity and direction to complete Raw Canvas’s menu of unique offerings and nailing our brand even more in developing a comprehensive and concise team-building program reflective of our strengths and what we wanted to create.

With companies who themselves have rewrittten the rules on team building and creativity like Disney, Microsoft and Best Buy to name a few, singing our praises.  It is my great pleasure to give credit to Nazima for being the genesis of what has put us on the map as the go-to place for fun. Fun which translates into upbeat, positive outcomes and treasured memories which are reflective of the true value of creativity.” S. Merkley

“Nazima worked with my company starting in 2010 through the Spring of 2011 when we were making efforts to raise awareness and funds to explore our gold property in British Columbia. She helped organize our public relations and communicated our strategy with shareholders by e-mail, phone and in person at trade shows. Nazima is extremely versatile, professional and takes the time to understand a company’s focus and conveys that to interested parties in an upbeat and personable way. We were able to accomplish our goal of completing several raises totaling $ 700,000 over the course of her involvement in the company.” P. Gill

“I highly recommend Nazima for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.” M. Foley


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